Whitney Nelsen’s main goal is to be a podcast juggernaut, if she can ever find the time. Her baby is Historical Hotties, but she is on several podcasts, with new ones in the works, and has guested on even more! Find out about them all below:

Whitney’s shows:

Historical Hotties

Sister duo Whitney and Lindsey Nelsen discuss prominent figures in history, and then they research, argue, and debate amongst themselves to determine which person is the hottest in this humorous and educational podcast. Every episode we tackled a different category of real-life historical people, from Horror Writers to Con Artists. Who will win!?

It’s a little bit equal parts debate team, history lesson, sibling rivalry, sexy gossip, and joke time humor-fun! New episodes every Wednesday!

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Almost Better Than Silence

A comedy/video games podcast with guest interviews, conversation games, and more! New episodes air every Monday on all podcast platforms!

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Myth Takes

Myth Takes is a narrative storytelling podcast that features a rotating cast of The Scavengers Network members, original stories, and original music/score.

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Whitney’s guest appearances! 

Macintosh & Maud : a My Little Pony Podcast

A podcast about My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic form two married adults who love this show in spite of their children. 

Listen to Whitney on episode MLP S4E19: “For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils”

buffy speak

buffy speak is a podcast about buffy the vampire slayer, which beth has seen upwards of ten million times and caroline is watching for the first time. we try to come at the show from an intersectional perspective and have a ton of fun with it. we hope you do too!

Listen to Whitney on episode 608 – Tabula Rasa (with Whitney and Lindsey Nelsen)

Subverted Tropesk

Comedians Kate Harlow and Daniel Spencer research movies and talk about them, cracking wise and having fun the whole way through!

Listen to Whitney on episode Calamity Jane

Ad Hominem: The Podcast of Illogical Debate

Ad Hominem, a game made to teach logical fallacies with absurd examples. The creator of the game, Joel Holland, invites his friend, Austin on to play, and let you, the listeners, be the judge of who wins.

This episode is no longer available.